Exquisite Workmanship

Traditionally Tailored in Napoli • Italy


A Finitura Felice suit is not an other mass production suit. Each suit encompasses artisanal knowledge and tailored by skilled tailors one by one applying traditional Napolitan techniques.Traditionally

Thanks to full canvas workmanship the pectoral form and fit is guaranteed by manual workmanship. Maximum comfort and mobility is achieved using our anatomical patterns, applying hand stitching at crucial points for superior fit and comfort plus avoiding the use of fusing materials.

The collar and the lapel are both hand stitched to ascertain perfect fit and harmonious balance
Perfect attaching of the lining with the main fabric is achieved by hand sewing and pleats

The armhole is sewn by hand, and elbows are given the anatomic curve by manual stretching.
Hand finished button holes

The trousers are given a perfect fit by adhering to the form of the leg through a meticulous hand ironing process of the hip.
The trousers are rendered more comfortable by the use of pleats in the waist and ergonomically workmanship in the crotch area.


All natural materials and accessories are used forming the suit by hand sewing in order to make you experience the high quality of the Finitura Felice fabrics.