A pearl in the world, cradle of knowledge in how to enjoy our local richness, a concentrate of Italian naturalness, just like the precious Super 150'S wool fabric with 16.2 micron fine fibers.

Noble in its quality, brightness, softness and lightness, this weave built on very fine and very well made threads is shown either in the usual solid colors or in the melange ones, giving this drapery fabric one of the highest good taste expressions of choice of excellent modern designs.

Herringbone and panama fabrics meet the most traditional twill, sophisticated decorations play a fundamental role for details, mixing tradition, elegance, comfort, and creating the right allure for the most important social and business events.

The performance of this product is due to the design, the construction and the finishing processes that determine in Salerno, with its 260 gr / m, giving the suits a glam and a non-typical lightness and fluidity, for all the seasons of the year.

The colors rank goes from the traditional black or navy to gray melange, from anthracite to pearl. All fabrics are entirely made in Biella, the textile district of drapery productions and the guarantee of the italian quality can be seen in the “Woven in Biella - Italy” logo written on the precious selvedges to testify the Finitura Felice’s seriousness and commitment in the search for the highest quality and refinement.